Betty White

I am an avid traveler and hiker. I don’t miss to visit this Salon after  every trip and receive their special Luxury Hot Stone pedicure and foot massage. This relieves my muscles and makes my tired legs and feet  feel rejuvenated. This is definitely the best treatment  for me.

Nastassia Lamont

Nothing like a pampering session with the amazing beautician Theane, Thank you for the laughs!! Always brightens my day xxx

Hennelie Koekemoer

Soos jy wel weet. Skincare International is awesome en die personeel weet wat hulle doen. Mens voel so spesiaal by hulle.

Tenaj Ram Narain

Yvette thank you for such an amazing experience. Your service was none like I have ever experienced. I will be singing your praises for a long long time.

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