Hands and Feet

Manicures and Pedicures

Do you think of manicures and pedicures as just an occasional way of pampering yourself? Regular manicures and pedicures actually provide great benefits for your overall health and well being. They also help keep hands looking young.

Hands and Feet tell a story of their own. Manicures and Pedicures are relaxing and moisturizing to the skin. The treatment involves exfoliating, buffing, shaping, trimming and results in a perfectly polished finish.

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands, performed at Skin Care International. A manicure consists of filing and shaping of the free edge, pushing (with a cuticle pusher) and clipping (with cuticle nippers) any nonliving tissue (limited to cuticle and hangnails), treatments, massage of the hand, and the application of nail polish. When applied to the toenails and feet, this treatment is referred to as a pedicure.

 Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic, and medical purposes and can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

Here are four benefits of manicures and pedicures:

Increase blood circulation

During any manicure or pedicure, you receive a relaxing massage of the hands and feet. This helps to improve blood circulation and improves mobility for the joints. 

Improve the health of your nails

With regular manicures and pedicures, the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections are reduced. Our hands, especially, are exposed to a lot of elements and products on a daily basis. It’s a good idea to have a deep cleaning so the dead skin cells on your hands can be removed. That encourages new cell growth, leaving your nails stronger and healthier. 


We all know that body massages are a great way to relax and rejuvenate your nerves, but sometimes all it takes to relax is a hand and foot massage. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to relax while improving the look and feel of your hands and feet. If you’re feeling stressed, some of us tend to pick at our cuticles, leaving them dry, cracked and bleeding. Plus, having great looking nails can always help to put a smile on your face, making stress levels decrease. 

Keeps hands and feet smooth and soft

With regular manicures and pedicures you can help to keep your skin and nails smooth and soft despite the exposure to the harsh winter elements. If you don’t take care of your hands and feet, you can experience dry, cracked skin that leaves painful sores and potential scars.


At Skin Care International we love taking care of our clients and sending them home feeling pampered and with hands and feet that look perfectly polished. We have a variety of manicure and pedicure options on our menu, so feel free to choose what fits with your time and budget.

The ultimate experience for hands and feet…

No look is complete without a perfect Manicure and Pedicure from Skin Care International,give your nails some TLC.Our procedures are suitable for everyone young and old.

Whether you’re looking for a quick shape and polish or something a little more hardcore, gel nails or nail art, here at Skin Care International we provide everything you need for your perfect look and feel.Our  treatments take place in complete privacy.

Why go for a regular manicure and pedicure? Well, except for the fact that it is absolutely fabulous and relaxing, your hands and feet will look and feel healthy. There is nothing better than clean well-maintained fingernails and freshly painted toenails. Regular manicure and pedicures promotes healthy hands and feet and makes you feel good. It also helps with faster growth and maintaining well moisturized cuticles.

Benefits of Pedicures

Our feet are generally the most neglected part of our bodies.  We seem to forget that most of our time is spent on our feet. Our feet carries us wherever we need to go. Shouldn’t we treat them better? I think so. A pedicure is similar to a manicure but is obviously specifically designed for your feet. During a pedicure your nails will be cleaned, shaped and trimmed to prevent ingrown nails.

Keep in mind that proper home care is essential. If you do not moisturize twice a day your feet will return to the normal dry state.