Caribbean Tan

Just a Beautifully Bronzed Tan

Skin Care International uses a quality Pro Range product from Caribbean Tan.

A magical year sailing around the Caribbean Islands inspired the creation of Caribbean Tan. First launched in 2003 as a professional spray tan system in South Africa, it quickly became a trusted brand known for its great natural looking color! Our sunless tanning products contain both DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) the active ingredient in all self-tanning products as well as Erythrulose which works together with DHA to ensure a longer lasting tan that fades evenly. Increased awareness about the dangers of sun exposure and the banning of sunbeds in some States makes self tan products the obvious alternative!

“I love to be brown because it makes me look healthy, thinner and toned but never again at the cost of my health and long-term appearance! “   Cindy Nell-Roberts , co-founder Caribbean Tan

Your endless summer vacation glow is as easy as… A B C!

At Caribbean Tan we know that one self tan solution does not work for ALL! That’s why we sent our scientists out with their thinking caps (and bikinis) to develop the perfect self tan for a variety of skin types. Whether you are fair skinned and burn easily, or have a darker complexion, we make choosing the right product for your complexion as easy as ABC!   The only way to tan – no orange, no streaks, no fuss!

Instant / Tinted Or Gradual / Untinted Self Tan?

Caribbean Tan offers both Instant / Tinted and Gradual /  Untinted products.

Use a product that’s tinted / instant to deliver Instant color, that won’t stain your clothes or linen. Instant products are sometimes considered easier to use because the tint acts as a guide to show exactly where you have applied (or haven’t applied) the product!

Gradual products deliver a quick drying, lightweight solution that has no color to begin with. Your gorgeous bronze glow will develop over the next 1 to 2 hours and deepen over 8 hours.

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