Holistic Massages

Welcome to a world of pampering, health and healing!

Relax in the hands of our qualified massage therapist and feel all of the day’s tension simply melt away. From the moment you slip into our private massage room, you can forget the stress of the outside world.

These therapies embrace a new level of wellness, an essential escape from a stressed and busy life, restoring balance and harmony to the mind, body, soul and skin.

Ready to unwind?

Our Treatments:

  • Aromatherapy  (90 min)

Combining the powerful and therapeutic properties of Essential Oils with massage,makes Aromatherapy the most balanced and restorative treatments.

  • Urban Escape  (120 min)

Total relaxation with back,neck ,foot treSCENTAOatment and a basic facial.

  • Sports Massage  (60 min)

Deep tissue massage for soothing and invigorating muscles before or after a work out.

  • Sports Massage   (90 min)

  • Sports Foot and Leg Massage  (60 min)

  • Stress Relief Back and Neck Massage  (30 min)

Relieves stress and fatigue ,headaches.lower back pain and a host of common ailments.

  • SCENTAO Stress Relief Back and Neck  (45 min)

The treatment begins with a body massage along the energy lines.or meridians,using heated stones and aromatic massage oil.

  • Stress Relief Back and Neck  (60 min)

  • SCENTAO Hot Stone Add-on per (30 min) session.

  • Reflexology  (45 min)

By the stimulation of the pressure points in the feet -congestion is relieved ,improving relaxation ,blood supply and a sense of well-being.

  • Scalp Massage  (30 min)

Indulge in a ultimately de-stressing ,relaxing experience.Relives headaches derived from sinuses,stress and tension.

  • Foot Massage  (30 min)

  • Lymph Drainage Massage  (90 min)

  • Couple Massage Lesson